​​​​​​​​​​​Partial List of Satisfied Customers:

MLB.network - project: "Civil Rights Baseball Game"  
Ishtar Films - project: "Women's Rights 
TSM Productions - project: WWII Warbirds
Discovery Communication -
project: "Why Pearl Harbor?" 
Discovery Communication -
project: "The HomeFront USA" 
Discovery Communication -
project: "Minority Units of WWII" 
Discovery Communication - project: "The Atomic Bomb" 
DeFigaro Films - project: "A Perfect Match" 
Getty Museum - project: Steam Trains Exhibit 
E. Morris Communications - project: Black History 
Big Island Pictures - project: "Black Soldier Blues" 
Museum of Jewish Heritiage -
project: "Ours To Fight For" 
U.S. Alliegance - project:
"Milestones of the Civil Rights Movement" 
Rhino Home Video - project: "History of the Blues" 
Diamond Entertainment - project: "Th​e Civil War" 
Timeless Media - project: "Wyatt Earp" 
Diamond Entertainment - project: "The Gangsters" 
TSM Productions - project: "The Yamato" 


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OnDeck Video, produces and distributes American history and African American history programming.  

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